Winter camping on Oboe

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Rob and I have been waiting for the right weather to go camping in the mountains and last weekend was perfect: unseasonably warm, sunny and with no foreseeable change.  So we packed up all of our camping equipment and set off.

Thankfully we could take a couple of the Whistler Blackcomb ski lifts to get to the top of Piccolo Mountain.  From there we hiked up Flute Mountain then skied down to the base of Oboe.  It was tricky going as the sun had melted the snow giving it a crust that was hard to ski, especially with a heavy backpack.  Then we hiked up Oboe to our camping spot.

Rob loves to build and I love to take photos, so I ‘let’ him build camp which I documented it. Eventually Rob’s creation, complete with lounge area, kitchen and ‘fireplace’, was ready and he made us both a hot chocolate.  He topped his up with a well earned tot of rum!

We watched as the sun set spectacularly behind Black Tusk Mountain, the moon rose and the stars came out.  I carried on taking photos and video while Rob carried on with his domestic chores and made us some noodles.

After an uncomfortable night’s sleep (snow, contrary to popular belief is not soft and fluffy to lie on all night!) we got up at 7am to see the sky turn pink and blue as the sun rose.  As we were up so early we took advantage and went for one ski run without our heavy packs.  The snow was great on the non-sun affected slopes.  Then we packed up, fed the birds a little more and headed back home.

It was a tiring but exhilarating weekend.  Now……where to go next?

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