Congratulations on your wedding plans and on choosing this lovely British Columbia location to celebrate your wedding!  You’re probably wondering how to choose your wedding photographer, what the cost will be, when will you get your photos.  There are a number of questions you’ll likely have in mind:

“How well do you know the wedding venues?”  I know this area well, given that it is my home but I still make sure to take a second look a couple of days before just to check out the light and any new features that can make all the difference for your wedding photos.

“What if it rains?” Well, they say that rain on your wedding day is a good omen, don’t they?  Rest assured that I will have scouted the location very well in advance just in case.  I’ve also found that umbrellas make quite cute, impromptu props!

“How much do you charge?  I have friend/guest who said they’d do it for free.”  I understand that weddings can be expensive and that the thought of saving $’s seems appealing.  Bear in mind, however, that I have years of experience in looking for the details at a wedding and of directing people to stand in certain places and face certain ways to ensure that there is nothing untoward in the background or you don’t get ‘photo-bombed’ by some passing tourist.

I also have a considerable amount of money invested in my camera and lighting equipment and I won’t be drinking during your wedding day – so you can rest assured that the photos won’t get more and more blurry as the night goes on!

Also, shouldn’t your family and friends be there to enjoy your day with you, not worry about whether they got ‘the shot’ or not?

Take a look at my realistic photo-packages here.

“What is your photo style and what happens on the day?”  Brides (and sometimes grooms) often become overwhelmed with all the photo ideas that are available in the social media channels.  If you’ve seen something you particularly like then let me know.  Otherwise I would say that I’m fairly casual and try to do my job as efficiently as possible;  after all, no one really came to have their photo taken, did they?  They really just want to celebrate your wedding day.

Having said that, there’s usually a certain schedule and my style reflects that:

  • Finishing Touches – I try to stay in the background while you get your hair and makeup done to capture the candid and often emotional moments in the bridal dressing room.  I will intervene quickly here and there to capture a few certain shots, perhaps of you with your mum or the hands of your bridesmaids lacing your dress.
  • The Ceremony – This requires a full photo-journalistic style as there’s no option for me to ask anyone to stand in any particular place.  I try to move around quickly and so that your guests can enjoy the ceremony just as much as you do.
  • The Group Shots – It’s part of the day and this is where I’ll admit I may get a little bossy!  Often there are a huge number of guests all anxious to congratulate you and it’s hard to interrupt.  Ultimately, however, you have paid me to take these photos and I want to do the best that I can.  Many couples have actually thanked me for taking charge!
  • Advance organization by you will help this process – I always ask that you make a list of the groups of people you want and ask someone who knows the people to be in charge of the list.  I always start with the biggest “all in” photo if I can.  Then the largest of the bride’s family group, peeling people away until it’s just the bride and her mum.  Then I do the grooms family. (Sorry, I’ve generalized about there being just bride’s and grooms, sometimes the marriages are same-sex, of course).  At each stage people are then free to take advantage of the cocktails and hor d’oeuvres!
  • Bridal Party & Portraits – This is a little more casual and fun.  I will take the ‘traditional’ “all in a row” shot but also mix things up, get some movement in the group.  As with the group shots I’ll start with the whole group and work towards the happy couple last.
  • Reception, cake cutting, speeches and first dance – This is another “fly on the wall” style of photography.  I try to capture the emotions of the day plus all the little details that you’ve taken so much time planning.  I’m often told by brides & grooms that the day itself goes by in a whirl, so I make sure to document all of the little details for you, so you can look back later and re-live the colours, textures and feeling of your wedding.

“When will I get the photos?”  You’ve taken months to prepare and then WHAM! your wedding went by in the blink of an eye;  You’re excited and keen to see the photos.  I totally get that but I want to be sure that your photos are as good as I can possibly make them.  So I always do some ‘Photoshopping’ afterwards.  Maybe crop the photos a little differently, take out dust or pollen spots that have sprinkled onto the grooms jacket.  I can even open the eyes of “Aunty Vera” who was the only one who blinked in the group photos.  It’s a process that takes time.  Having said that, I aim to deliver your wedding photos within 14 days of your wedding and also to put a few on my blog within 2-3 days so that you’ll get a little sneak preview!

All photos are delivered electronically and are fully print ready – you have the rights to print them as you like without having to go through me.

More questions? Drop me a line, text or call.  I’m happy to chat!