Choosing your wedding photographer is one of the biggest decisions you will make and you probably have lots of questions.  I’ve tried to answer the most popular questions here, but if not drop me a text +1.604.907.2724 or call, e-mail me sarah at sarahbournephotography dot com or use my contact form.

What do you charge?

– Obviously that depends on your wedding and how long you need me on the big day.  On average, my charge is $1,300.  I can do less or move – call or e-mail me and we can talk about it.  There are more details on my pricing page.

What will I receive?

– I will make sure that all of your photos are perfect (small removal of blemishes, dust, perfect colours etc) then you will receive the digital negatives.  On average you will get around 250 photographs.

Can I meet you before my wedding?

– Yes, of course!  Let me know when you will be in town and I’d be happy to have a coffee with you to chat about your big day and get to know you a bit.  If you aren’t coming to town ahead of your wedding then we can meet when you arrive.  Just let me know when and where!

Do you provide a proof album?

– No.  Proof albums are a legacy from the days of film: Photographers retained the rights to the photographs and you had to order prints through them.  I provide the digital images so that you can print as many photos of whatever size yourself.  This is more economical for you.

Can I print my own photos or do I have to order prints from you?

Yes you can print the photos yourself, they’re your photos after all!

How many photographs will I receive?

– For my 8 hour package I will include approximately 300 photographs.  For the 6 hour package there will be about 200 images.

When will I receive my photographs?

– I aim to send your wedding photos to you within 10-14 days from the date of your wedding.  I will usually put a selection of images on my blog site within 5 days so that you can get a sneak preview!

How do I make a reservation?

– First you should contact me to ensure that I am available, complete the reservation form that I will send you and return it to me with your deposit payment.

Do you require a deposit?

– Yes, just to ensure that I hold the date for you.  For 6 and 8 hour weddings the deposit is $500.

When is the balance payable?

– The balance is payable the week of your wedding, or on the day of at the latest.   I can accept cash, cheques or PayPal.


More info needed?

Call, text or e-mail me and we can chat about it.