Wedding day details

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One thing is for certain on your wedding day (apart from your actual wedding) is that everything you see, wear, eat and do will have been thought out with meticulous care.  Whether you plan it yourselves or with the assistance of a wedding planner, every single detail will have been considered, chewed over, compared and finally chosen (and paid for!).   Quite a few of my brides and grooms have said at the end of their day that they were glad I was there to capture the day for them as it all went by in a such a whir they hardly noticed the details.  So part of what I try to capture is always the details of your day:

Maybe it’s the dress, the rings and the flowers, or maybe the guest book, the candy table or the overall decor.  These are all part of your day and many of them will be gone at the end of it.  My photographs of the details will keep the memories of them alive for you in years to come.

Wedding ring in box with wedding dress

I try to take photos of some of the details before and after the wedding

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