Venice in the winter

Still waiting for snow in Switzerland Rob and I decided to take full advantage of the exceptional rail service in Europe and ‘popped’ to Venice for the weekend.  We stayed at a private bed and breakfast that was excellent.  The owner had to collect us from the maze of streets then walk us back to the house.

We spent two days walking and walking in the grey, drizzly weather.  Great for moody photos, some of which have a look about them that seems as if the city hasn’t changed at all in 100 years.  Unfortunately it has, however, with property prices driving the Venicians to the mainland:  some 100,000 have left in the last few years, leaving a population of around 60,000.  I would certainly recommend for anyone to go and visit this exceptional city, stay with one of the private bed and breakfast operators in the hope of keeping them in the city that they were born in.

We walked.  We ate.  We drank.  We took photos.  We listened to a live performance of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons.  We enjoyed ourselves!

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