Travel to Switzerland

Two planes, three trains, one hostel and a bus over 48 hours finally got me to my new apartment in Haute-Nendaz – part of Les 4 Vallees which includes Verbier.  A huge ski area.  My flight time arrival required that I stay a night in Geneva, and I’m happy to have done so.  I had the best pizza ever and they have a winter lights festival on so the shores of the lake were all lit up.

Finally in Nendaz on Friday I wandered around to get my bearings.  It’s a small town in a small valley with an outdoor ice rink in the valley as you can see from the last photo.  The mountains here are colossal!


  1. Rob
    December 11, 2010

    Excellent use of Colossal, but you missed delicious when describing the pizza!

  2. sharon
    December 13, 2010

    Hi Sarah !
    Glad to hear you arrived in ( mostly one piece…)
    Well, Switzerland looks …er.. very Swiss !
    Your skating photo reminds me of a Bruegel ( Winter Landscape with a bird Trap- 1565) your photographs , it’s our vicarious trip to Europe …
    take care, love Sharon xx

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