They say the camera never lies…..

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They say the camera never lies…..

After looking at my Prague blog post and photos, my dad asked me if I had edited the photos or if they were ‘as shot’.  Edited, most definitely.  And all photographers do it.  In fact, to a large extent it’s the edit that can set one photographer’s work apart from anothers.

Sure, you have to get the angle right, know what the lights doing (or manipulate it, or go to the location of the shoot at exactly the right time of day, year etc), know how to set the correct shutter speed and aperture for the look that you want.  But even the most perfectly shot photo is likely to be edited in some way; perhaps a minor tweak, perhaps a major overhaul.

For my dad, here are a few of my ‘secrets’ (not so secret now!):

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