The Great Cheakamus River Extreme Kayak Race

Today I went to take a look at The Great Cheakamus River Extreme Kayak Race.  I’ve never watched a kayak race before and it was certainly very fun.  At this time of year the river is running quite high after some warm weather and snow melt but it didn’t seem to phase the men and women who were competing.

First of all they had a “down river race” which was quite a long section (from above the Cheakamus suspension bridge) almost to the logging road bridge at Cheakamus Crossing.  The competitors were timed and put into pairs for “King of the River” elimination laps on the last 150m section of the river.  There were great places for spectators to watch and I got some great shots.  It was hard to narrow them down, but here are my favourites:

And here are all the rest.  There are still some good shots in here, I think.  Anyone interested in buying a copy should contact me.