Sunny Furry Creek Wedding June 9th 2012

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This lovely couple were lucky to have a sunny day for their wedding at Furry Creek Golf Course – about the only sunny day for a week.  As a precaution their ceremony was indoors.  Whoever designed the club house must have had wedding photographers (and coastal BC weather!) in mind as the whole building  has high open and airy ceilings with lots of windows all shaded so no harsh shadows!  It makes for lovely photos whatever the weather.

After the ceremony, which had a lovely candle lighting ceremony that the whole bridal party took part in, there was a ‘butterfly release’.  This fit perfectly with the butterfly decor and the flower girls’ butterfly wings.

For privacy reasons I cannot show the bride and groom’s faces, so here are a selection of shots from the day which still manage to portray the lovely day it was for this lovely couple.  All the best to them both!

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