Studio lit bubbles with splashes

These are photos of bubbles floating on the surface of water in a shallow dish.  Lit directly in front of the camera (thus back-lighting the bubble giving it’s rim glow) Rob and I tried on two nights different methods to get the bubble and the drip in the shot:

For the green bubbles, we used a strong solution of washing-up liquid (hence the green!), and Rob used a straw to blow a single bubble on the surface of the water.  I had to be quick to take the photograph as the bubbles were not very strong.  With the camera mounted on a tripod, and pre-focused, I used a dropper to drop water through the bubble from above.  It was quite tricky getting the timing right!

For the blue bubbles, I used children’s soap solution.  I actually blew the bubbles into the air (as a child would), caught the one I wanted on the wand and placed it on the surface of the water.  The bubbles were so much stronger that they could withstand being moved to the pre-focused area of the water and multiple drips from above.  I used a bigger plate to allow less clutter around each bubble and a better light – a single, large softbox.


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