New Year’s Eve in Nendaz

With another beautiful day ahead of us, John, OB and I headed up Plan du Fou again. We played around with some portraits then headed down the off piste for some more action shots. The Kodak courage ended in great photos but mostly carnage on every landing! Fortunately no injuries.

We then met up with Nick who guided us on the Greppon Blanc itinerary. Starting at 2700m we skied down a huge bowl which still had surprisingly good snow in it considering it’s nearly a week since it snowed. The bowl funnels into a gully, then a road and we actually skied right through what must be a summer farming community – all closed up for the winter. Eventually we ended up more or less in the middle of nowhere waiting for a bus back to Les Masses at 1515m. Quite a lot of lifts and runs later we were back in Nendaz after an adventure of some 4 1/2 hours!

Later on I joined everyone for New Year’s celebrations Euro – style in the main square. Champagne, fireworks and DJ. Lots of fun.

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