Marmot on Whistler Mountain

Rob and I decided to make the most of the lovely weather and our ski passes which still work for summer sightseeing, and head up Whistler Mountain.  We took the village gondola, then the Peak Chair.  For anyone who’s been here just in the winter the Peak Chair in summer is quite the experience: the cliff at the top of the chair looks much more ‘cliffy’ than in winter.  Quite scary.

We headed around Matthew’s Traverse and then around Harmony Ridge, down Boomer Bowl to Harmony Lake.  Takes forever compared to when we do it on skis.  7th Heaven was as clear as anything on Blackcomb.  While picnicking at the Lake we were almost run over by a marmot.  I had just put on my super wide angle lens, much to my dismay.  Rob’s reaction was to “change your lens and stalk him!”.  Which I did.  Great to see one of these not-so-little critters who gave Whistler it’s name from their call.

We then headed across the valley on the Peak to Peak Gondola and down Blackcomb on the Solar and Wizard chairs.  Rob spotted a mother and cub feeding on grubs in a dead tree.  A great day in all.  Think we’ll head out there again next weekend.

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