Heli Skiing in Whistler!!

So I’ve been fortunate enough this week to go heli skiing in Whistler, courtesy of Whistler Heli Skiing.  I got the call 30 minutes before the trip was due to leave and it got my adrenaline running I can tell you!  The weather was perfect – warm, sunny, ‘bluebird’.  After a safety talk we headed off into the Spearhead Range of mountains (behind Blackcomb Mountain).  Such a thrill going up the heli!  It was my first time, and hopefully not my last.

The guides (Kirk & Mike) were fantastic:  Friendly, knowledgeable and fun.  The entire heli team was very professional and lunch on a frozen lake next to massive glacial ice formations was fantastic.  If you have the budget and are an intermediate to advanced skier then I’d recommend it for sure!

I had decided to enjoy the day for the experience that it was and not to spend it looking through the eye of a lens (for once), so these are also courtesy of Whistler Heli Skiing & Tourism Whistler photographer Steve Rogers (www.steveophotos.com):

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