Event Photography Information

You’re having a special event.  It’s taken months to prepare.  You want to showcase your brand, your team, fun, community spirit.  You’re going to need quality photos and in this day and age, getting those images quickly is key – getting them out on social media in the first instance, then for use in advertising and promotion of similar events in the future.

It pays to have a professional.  Someone who’s not there to participate but who’s there to document.  Someone who knows how to take crisp photos in a darkened room without the people looking like a deer in the headlights.  That person is me!


Services and Pricing

$250 for the first two hours of event documentation, $75/hr for addition hours.

Add a portrait booth with a backdrop and lights $250.

I offer a fast turnaround – same day 5-10 best images for immediate social media release, sized for optimal upload/viewing on the web.

Full set of print resolution images included.


Contact me for further details.