Deciding whether to have your photographer with you as you get ready.

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Many of the brides-to-be that I talk with aren’t sure if they want photos of themselves as they get ready.  They feel self conscious and silly.  I always say that the photography should reflect the entire day and that there is a lot of emotion to be captured as the bride is getting ready:  friends help with hair, makeup and dressing, mum’s are there too.  Without a photographer during the last hour or so some of those moments and memories would be forgotten over time.  Having a professional photographer there rather than just relying on friends means that the bridesmaids, friends and parents can concentrate on the bride and the emotions, excitement and nervousness of the day.

Here are a few of my favourite last minute preparation photos, showing the emotion, nerves and fun of the final preparations:

Bride sitting on bed with her bridesmaids.

You can capture some of the camaraderie between friends at the getting ready stage

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