Christa Vandeberg – RMOW

(re Olympic Plaza images) “Thanks again Sarah – great, workable shots!”

Rob Palm – Whistler Real Estate Company

“Thanks for the great photos.  I love the detail shots and will incorporate them into something for sure.
You managed to capture the space quite nicely…”

Dave Burch – Whistler Real Estate Company

The interior shots turned out super…..I’m thinking I should use one of those for the magazine….?  Good job with low light on the front of the house and the exterior dusk shots look great!  Great detail shots too.  Thanks!”

Meredith & Treena Davis – Toko Hotel & Restaurant

“Thanks.  The distant panoramic shots look great.  Already uploaded to our hotel sites.” Meredith

“I finally have a photo of our restaurant with the view!  Thank you!”  Treena

Fred Mariéthoz – Neige Aventure

Thank you for your work and energy that you have brought this winter. If you decide to come back you are more than welcome to make some business with our school in Nendaz and Veysonnaz.   Best regards. ”  Fred

David Merrifield – Ted Bentley Chalet Holidays

Thanks Sarah.  I love the interiors at Petit Nid.  We’ll finish the contract next season when the snow comes!”  David

Britanny Rex – Stagecoach Theater Arts

Thank!  There are some brilliant images that we would love to use.  Thank you for sending the link to us and I’ll speak to you soon. ”  Brittany