Cindy & John’s Wedding – Squamish May 21, 2016

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Cindy & John’s Wedding – Squamish May 21, 2016

From my boss, to colleague, to friend & work mentor, I have seen Cindy go through quite a lot over the last few years.  With struggles and disappointments and now to happiness and the family that she has longed for.  She was destined to be a mum and now she is, not only to her […]

Heli-wedding at beautiful Beverly Lake

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Heli-wedding at beautiful Beverly Lake

This lovely and easy going couple wanted to do something special to celebrate their wedding which was to be an elopement.  They researched and booked a heli-wedding months in advance and on the day there were some nerves as there were low clouds and wind which threatened to cancel or postpone the flight.  Thankfully the […]

Hayley & Phil’s Squamish Wedding July 29 2014

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This was one of the most casual and relaxed weddings that I’ve ever had the pleasure of being the photographer for.  Set in the beautiful Sunwolf campground just outside Squamish, the shade of the trees provided a wonderful backdrop for the wedding. Here are a selection of my favourite photos from the day:

Deciding whether to have your photographer with you as you get ready.

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Many of the brides-to-be that I talk with aren’t sure if they want photos of themselves as they get ready.  They feel self conscious and silly.  I always say that the photography should reflect the entire day and that there is a lot of emotion to be captured as the bride is getting ready:  friends […]

Wedding day details

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One thing is for certain on your wedding day (apart from your actual wedding) is that everything you see, wear, eat and do will have been thought out with meticulous care.  Whether you plan it yourselves or with the assistance of a wedding planner, every single detail will have been considered, chewed over, compared and […]

A Swiss winter wedding on New Year’s Eve

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This bride clearly had romantic ideals – she chose a tiny old chapel in the middle of the Swiss Alps for her intimate wedding.  With sunshine and snow every detail of her dream seemed to become a reality.  Planning her wedding from Australia must have been difficult but it worked out so well. All the […]

Lovely feedback

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One of the things I pride myself on is my fast delivery of photos.  In an age of instant messaging, instagram etc it seems more and more important to get photos to people more quickly.  With awesome editing tools for digital images it’s also possible to do the edit within a reasonable time.  I aim […]

Winter Wedding in Whistler

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Anney & Mark were lucky to get a beautiful day for their whistler winter wedding after two weeks of rain and slushy snow.  We did the portrait session in the afternoon before the ceremony in order to catch the best of the winter light before darkness fell at around 4pm.  The Whistler Golf Club was […]