365 Project – Day 364

One last variation on the drip shot, not with too much success.

365 Project – Day 363

The Whistler gymnastics club has moved to the Olympic legacy high performance center. A permanent home, with permanent equipment. Certainly the kids were enjoying it. This is my upstairs neighbour, Charlie.

365 Project – Day 362

I nearly burnt my eye out focusing on the element.  I like the effect of the reflected light in the umbrella – a new toy!

365 Project – Day 361

Bonnie the dog and her owner Murray had known Zeus for the whole time that I had him, so they came to visit on his last day.

365 Project – Day 360

Rob and I took a chance on the weather today to hike into Cheakamus Lake.  It was beautifully green and damp, and at one point we were in the mist.  Once at the lake, however, the heavens opened with a hail and heavy rain downpour.

365 Project – Day 359

Fall is well and truly here with golden colours, rain and chilly evenings.  Snow’s coming!

365 Project – Day 358

Mushroom season in Whistler.  I wish I had a clue what they all were, but I don’t so I just don’t touch them at all.