Camping at Wedgemont Lake, Whistler

This weekend Rob and I took advantage of some late summer sun and our amazing proximity to some of the prettiest hikes around:  We decided to hike to and camp at Wedgemont Lake.  Just a fifteen minute drive from home then a grueling 3 1/2 hour hike up a very steep pitch (a vertical gain of 1.2kms over 7kms).  It was well worth it with a clear blue sky, aqua-marine lake and glaciers and mountain peaks all around.

I couldn’t resist the water even though it was fed with glacier run off and only marginally above freezing.  Rob didn’t get more than his toes wet, but he did manage to chill our wine for us so that was nice.  After a stunning sunset we watched as the moon peeped over Mt Wedge and then rose full in the sky, bright enough to see by all night.

Our legs felt fresh in the morning so we went for a hike up to the toe of the glacier before heading back down to the valley.  Two days later and our legs are still burning from the descent, however!  Well worth it though.

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