365 Project – Days 301 – 304

I’ve been delinquent recently at posting daily.  Rest assured I’ve been taking the daily photos dutifully on the right day but a) it’s too lovely outdoors to be spending time every day at the computer, b) it’s too hot to sit indoors at the computer.

So, Day 301 was supposed to be a beautiful night sky full of meteorites, but there was either a high level of fine cloud, or one of smoke due to the forest fires recently.  Either way, the stars were virtually non-existent, so I made a love heart using the lights on the back of my flash.

Nerdism - love heart made from the light trails of my flash

Light trail love heart

Day 302 – Macro shot of a pink lilly.  I love the delicate light on this one.

The macro world still never fails to interest me

Delicate light on a pink lilly

Day 303 – Today was a busy day with the 3rd annual cheese rolling competition on Blackcomb, as part of the Crankworx festival.  The mountain biking slopestyle event was later on.  Given that it’s only once a year that I get the opportunity to see idiots hurl themselves down a hill wearing silly costumes or as little as a “Speedo”, running after an 11lb roll of cheese, I decided that this should be the focus of today’s shot.

Men chasing after a cheese on Blackcomb

Cheese chasers at the Cheese Rolling Festival

Day 304 – It was still hot, hot, hot in Whistler and the coolness of glacier fed Green Lake was calling me.  So I took my kayak out for a lazy paddle.  The sky is still not as clear as normal due to the recent forest fires further North.

Yellow kayak on Green Lake, Whistler, BC

Lazy paddling in my kayak on Green Lake

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